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Reported college campus abduction attempt called 'misunderstanding'


MCKEESPORT, Pa. - A reported abduction attempt Friday on the campus of Penn State Greater Allegheny in McKeesport turned out to be a "misunderstanding."

It had been reported that authorities were searching for a man suspected of attempting to abduct a female college student.

Initial information indicated that, at approximately 3:15 p.m. Friday, a man grabbed and nearly kidnapped a female student. Sources said that the male suspect asked the student if he could use her cellphone. When she reached for it, the man allegedly grabbed her and tried to drag her into a vehicle. According to sources, she screamed and got away.

Roughly three hours after the incident, police sent out an alert to students asking them to be on the lookout. Soon after that, however, the following statement was posted to the school's website:

"Penn State police have investigated and concluded that the reported incident today was likely a misunderstanding and that no threat was involved."