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Popular grocery chain pulls 'pink slime' off store shelves



PITTSBURGH - A local grocery store is the latest to announce it will no longer sell meat with “pink slime” in it.  Target 11 Consumer Investigator Robin Taylor takes a look at what this means for shoppers.

Three national supermarket chains just announced they will stop selling ground beef with "pink slime" in it, including the parent company of Shop 'n Save.  The popular filler is FDA approved, but critics say it could be unsafe.

Supervalu, which operates Shop 'n Save, says it will no longer carry products containing "pink slime."

The low-cost additive is made from scraps of meat that are treated with ammonia to kill E-coli.

Food Lion and Safeway also announced they will stop selling the filler, but when I talked to a representative for Shop 'n Save I got a mixed message.

"Normally, the ground beef supplied by Supervalu to Shop 'n Save stores does not include finely textured beef.  However, each individual store has the option of purchasing additional products from outside vendors," said Mike Siemienas, a Supervalu spokesman.

In other words, you should speak to the butcher or manager if you're concerned, because it's up to individual stores.

I know many of you also shop at Giant Eagle.  They came out in the very beginning of this controversy saying they do not carry ground beef with "pink slime."