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Pot-bellied pig runs amok in Beaver County neighborhood



MIDLAND, Pa. - A pot-bellied pig that someone likely abandoned as a pet has been running amok in a Beaver County neighborhood.

Folks in Midland Heights said they've had no luck catching the pig, which is rooting around in yards and frightening children.

Resident Kristi Bilotto said she contacted the Pennsylvania Game Commission, but officials there told her they don't handle wild animals and referred her to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. That agency told her to contact the local animal shelter or humane society.

Bilotto said the pig has so far outsmarted residents who have tried to trap it or put it in a cage.

She said she thinks "It's a cute little pig, but it belongs on a farm ... not in the Heights!"

Midland animal control officials said they only have equipment to kill the pig, which they don’t want to do. They said the housing supervisor must decide who will catch the pig.

Borough officials are urging people not to feed the pig.