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Gunman responsible for shooting pregnant teen remains on loose



DUQUESNE, Pa. - Authorities continue to investigate after a pregnant 15-year-old girl was shot several times Monday morning in Duquesne.

According to police, the shooting happened just after midnight at a home on Friendship Avenue.

DaRae Delgado’s mother, Deanna Weams, told Channel 11’s Dave Bondy that someone rang the doorbell and put their hand over the peephole, so they couldn’t see who it was.

“The person put their hand up on the glass on the door so she couldn’t see out. She opened the door and they started shooting at my house. I heard my son screaming my daughter’s name to get up,” Weams said.

When Delgado, who was seven months pregnant, opened the door, she was shot four times.

Her twin brother, Darrell Delgado, was also in the house at the time of the shooting.

“I heard the door and I came to the top of the steps. She opened the door and I saw the sparks and gunshots go off,” Darrell Delgado said.

Investigators said the person or people who fired the shots fled the scene on foot. As of 5 p.m. Tuesday, police had not made any arrests. Police said they believe three people may have been involved in the shooting.

“Absent a motive, we are moving in several different directions,” Allegheny County Police Lt. Andrew Schurman said.

According to Weams, her daughter lost the baby.

“She’s very emotional right now about her son. It’s starting to kick in that she’s not going to go home with her baby,” Weems said.

She said doctors told her the baby, who was going to be named Darrin, saved DaRae’s life because the bullet hit the baby and slowed.

“They let me see him. He had my nose and my ears. He was a spitting image of me. I never saw a lifeless baby. I just held him. He was cold. It just made me think about a lot of things and regrets,” said Donald Crawford, Delgado’s boyfriend and the father of her child.

DaRae Delgado remains at UPMC Mercy Hospital, where her mother said she’s expected to survive.

“My grandson saved my daughter’s life,” Weams said. “He did because if he didn’t get hit, she would have gotten the brunt of the bullet.”