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Propane rationed, price increased amidst extremely cold weather



PITTSBURGH - Millions of people use propane to heat their homes, but some are beginning to have a tough time getting enough to stay warm.

After just one week, Brian Lownds told Channel 11’s Gordon Loesch that he is getting close to needing a refill for his home’s propane tank.

“When we got it filled last week, they only gave us the 100-gallon max,” Lownds said.

Greco Gas, like other Western Pennsylvania companies, has been rationing its propane deliveries because of a nationwide shortage. A total of 24 states, including Ohio, have declared energy emergencies.

One local propane company’s owner told Loesch that this situation is critical and the worst he’s ever seen.

The Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association released a statement saying, “What Pennsylvania customers are feeling are the results of a strained transportation and infrastructure system that are masquerading as a propane shortage.”

In addition to less propane being available, the cost has skyrocketed.

“The price has doubled in the past month,” Lownds said.

According to Lownds, his bill went from $2.58 per gallon to $4.54 in just one month.

He said his family is taking steps to ration the propane gas that heats their home and water by dropping the thermostat setting from 68 degrees to 63 degrees.

“I’m angry at it. There’s no other way to describe it,” Lownds said.