• People take to streets of East Liberty, saying Ferguson protests inspired them


    PITTSBURGH - Dozens of people took to the streets of East Liberty Tuesday, saying they were inspired by the protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

    They said the police brutality they see in the Michael Brown case has happened here in Pittsburgh with the Leon Ford case.

    Leon Ford is in a wheelchair after being shot by a Pittsburgh police officer during a traffic stop.

    Police claim Ford assaulted the officer and tried to drag him with his car as he tried to flee the scene.

    Ford is suing the city and will be back in court in a few weeks so his friends and family organized the rally on social media.

    At one point, the crowd was so large no cars could get through on North Highland Avenue near Penn Avenue, and that's when the police showed up.

    The protesters told Channel 11’s Courtney Brennan they obeyed police orders, got out of the street and took their protest to the sidewalk.


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