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Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Food Revolution



PITTSBURGH - A group of students at Obama Academy in Pittsburgh are whipping up some serious edibles in their Food Revolution cooking club.

“Once it actually started, they were kind of jealous. ‘Oh, do you get to make food?’  Yes, and we get to eat it, too,” said student 11th grader Arthur King, Jr.

Now it's the most popular club at school!

“Which is bound to happen when you make the school smell incredible every Tuesday,” said Bobby Fry.  

Fry, the co- owner of Bar Marco in the Strip, started the cooking club in 2012 after a challenge from British Chef Jamie Oliver and his food revolution movement:  get kids in Pittsburgh excited about eating nutritious and delicious food.

“We are bringing the best chefs in the city and exposing these kids to the best chefs,” he said. “They have had medium rare sous vide duck with sorrel. They've had Waygu beef.”

 “I like to try new things, cook for my family.   I bring home some pretty weird stuff, but it is actually pretty good,” said sophomore Victoria Volpe

 You can judge their culinary skills for yourself.

Cooking club students on May 16th are going to be pairing with local chefs to host "Food Revolution Day." 

5,000 people are expected at this worldwide celebration of the power food that brings people and ideas to the table and thereby transform lives.

“You are equipping them with skills that are very basic but are going to have a big impact on them for the rest of their lives,” said Fry.

Fry wants to see the cooking club spread to other high schools in Pittsburgh, and he would like to buy a food truck to be run by the students.

If you would like to learn more about Food Revolution Pittsburgh, their event on May 16, or to help raise money for the food truck, CLICK HERE.