• Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Hossana Industries


    PITTSBURGH - The pounding of hammers and chatter of volunteers filled the warehouse of Hossana Industries in Rochester recently.

     “These volunteers and most of the volunteers we work with have never done anything in construction,” said Amanda Becker of Hosanna Industries.

    The nonprofit provides home repairs for needy households all over the region, and sometimes even brand-new construction.

    Channel 11 stopped by on a day they were building for Joey Vermecki, a severely disabled man from Johnstown whose house burned down.

    Volunteers from a group in Chicago were pounding, painting and plastering to give him a new home.

    “They come home at the end of the day and they are so excited about that they did,” said Mark Jarewicz, one of the volunteer organizers.

    Volunteers were building the interior walls for Joey’s house, which will be built and move-in ready during Easter week.

    It is known at Hosanna as a "building blitz."

     “It just made me feel pretty darn amazing because I know  some of the nails I've hammered and some of the wood I've carried, it can go on the walls and make them feel safe,” said volunteer Connor L’Heureux.

    “It's neat to show people that miracles can still happen.  And a blitz like this, takes a lot. Many miracles,” said Becker.

    In addition to volunteers, Hosanna Industries received donated or discounted materials.

    When work starts in Johnstown, Vermecki’s house will be complete with furniture and appliances, in just four days.

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