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Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Summer camp at the Pittsburgh Zoo



PITTSBURGH - Children are instinctively curious about the natural world, and there may be no place better to satisfy that curiosity than the Pittsburgh Zoo.

With thousands of amazing animals and interesting exhibits, a kid could spent hours there and not see everything. That’s why some youngsters spend an entire week.

For the past 26 summers, the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium have hosted thousands of area kids at zoo camp.

“This is Sienna and she’s out boa constrictor,” said Mark Reardon, assistant curator of education.

Reardon told Channel 11’s Peggy Finnegan that he thinks important for kids to be connected to nature and living things.

“Sometimes, living in Pittsburgh and in the suburbs, you can get lost in that. It’s nice to reconnect to some of the things that make this planet so special,” Reardon said.

During zoo camp, kids get unprecedented access behind the scenes to zoo exhibits and up-close encounters with animals, like the beautiful Fennec Fox who was born last year.

“His furry feet are just like a flip-flop, helping to protect his feet when he’s walking on the sand,” Reardon said.

Zoo officials call the camp a big win for the kids, and the zoo itself, as well. Reardon said it’s important to train a whole new generation to care about protecting our planet’s wildlife.

“They realize just how important animals and biodiversity are to this planet,” Reardon said. “Not only are the kids’ lives enriched by the animals, but I think to some degree, the animals are enriched by it, too.”

The Pittsburgh Zoo’s summer camp program connects kids and animals, and makes us PROUD TO BE FROM PITTSBURGH.

Click here for more information on the program.