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Community comes together to show support for attacked bicyclist



PITTSBURGH - Hundreds of people were at a rally Saturday to drum up support for a bicyclist who was recently attacked and assaulted on the South Side.

Investigators said Colin Albright was brutally attacked on Josephine Street on Sept. 5. Police said Albright was riding his bike home when he was stabbed by a driver who then slashed his throat.

"He really wants to find the person so they don't hurt anyone else," Albright's friend and rally organizer Chris Matrozza said. "He knows he's lucky to be alive, but he is upbeat."

Several businesses came together for the fundraiser at the OTB Bicycle Cafe to support Albright's road to recovery. Money raised at the event will help with his costly medical expenses.

"It's great to see and it's great to prove that even when something horrible happens, you can bring good out of it," Albright told Channel 11 News reporter Brandon Hudson. "It's a week to be thankful for a million things. Thankful to be alive at all. Thankful that I'm healing faster than I should be really."

Albright, who also saw his house burn down last year, hopes his situation sends a positive message to others who are struggling.

When asked to communicate that message, he put it this way: "To point out to the public that one crazy dude is not and should not affect your life and is not as important as thousands of awesome people."

Albright will soon begin rehabilitation, and hopes to start riding his bike again in a few weeks.