• Rare Amur tiger cub going on display in yard at Pittsburgh Zoo

    PITTSBURGH (AP) (AP)ong> - Officials at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium said their new Amur tiger cub is ready to head into the main yard of his exhibit, after being visible to visitors only on a video monitor for several weeks.

    Zoo officials said the 3-month-old cub will be in the yard starting Wednesday. The cub had been on video with his mother since he was 6 weeks old.

    Amur tigers were once referred to as Siberian tigers, but they're no longer found throughout that region. They're named for the Amur River in far eastern Russia, where nearly all the big cats still in the wild are found.

    Poaching and loss of habitat have reduced the Amur tiger population to about 400 in the wild.

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