• Ready, set, put your chairs down for the Canonsburg parade; New rules this year


    CANONSBURG, Pa. - Every year, chairs are put on Canonsburg streets to save spots for the parade.  This year is no different, but there were some new rules.

    People used to start placing their chairs weeks in advance.  This year, residents could only save their spots with chairs two days in advance.  At midnight Wednesday, people were ready with their chairs.

    “I think the message was sent clear.  We’re not going to tolerate it before 48 hours,” said Mayor David Rhome.

    “I think it’s great they let you do it.  It’s a nice tradition,” said Jennifer Mansfield.

    Some people found a way around the new rule.  Residents placed tape instead of chairs on their spot earlier this week.

    About 50,000 people are expected to attend Friday’s parade.


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