• Rescue crews save dog trapped in hole more than 3 hours


    PLUM, Pa. - A dog was rescued Wednesday afternoon after falling into a hole in Plum and being trapped for more than three hours.

    Rescue crews said Ron Morris was walking his dog about 10 a.m. Wednesday when the dog ran down a hole and couldn’t get out.

    “At first he was barking at whatever he was chasing down there in the hole, and then he was quiet. There was a lull in his barking and then it became more of a whimper and I figured he couldn’t get out,” Morris said.

    Officials said the dog, Duncan, tried digging himself out but needed the help of rescuers.

    “There was a lot of hard digging, but they had good equipment and a little camera they put in (the hole),” Morris said. “I’m so proud of the Plum Fire Department and the rescue personnel that were there. You would think the president was underground, not my dog.”

    Duncan, who is a wired-haired dachshund, was rescued about 1:30 p.m. and wasn’t injured.

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