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Ross Twp. homeowners ordered to clean yard or face $3,000 fine



ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. - The owners of a house on Fairley Road in Ross Township are defending their right to the display in their front yard after a magistrate ordered them to take it down.

" There is not an ordinance that says I can't have toys in my yard. There is not an ordinance on any time that I can't put them up before such and such a date and down by such a such date," said Robert Ansell, who owns the house on Fairley Road along with his brother, Bob Ansell.

However, their neighbors have been fighting to have it all taken down.

"We have been felt land locked with what's been going on here. We have to deal with this on a daily basis," said Chris Hebda, one of the brothers’ neighbors.

A magistrate agreed with neighbors and ordered the Ansells to have their yard cleaned up by May 29 or they will face a $3,000 fine.

"That is a bit of a hefty fine, so we hope that would help,” said Hebda. “So far it hasn't. It's been a couple of weeks."

The homeowners disagree with the fine and feel that if they can be fined over their yard, so should his neighbors.

"You want to walk over here and film [the] driveway falling apart along with overhang falling off. All brush and debris in front of this house, the street not being cleaned," said Robert.