• Running car stolen from Ross Township driveway; Thieves arrested


    ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Police in Ross Township said thieves stole a running car from a woman's driveway early Tuesday morning.

    Investigators said the car was taken from a home on Lindenberg Drive after the owner started it to warm the engine up in the frigid temperatures.

    Police later found the vehicle in the parking lot of Dick's Sporting Goods at Northway Mall. They said three men returned to the car and were all taken into custody

    The suspect’s names were not immediately released.

    Authorities said unless you have an automatic car starter, turning on cars and leaving them unattended is considered dangerous.

    “It’s still dangerous even if you have a car starter. They have precautions built in where it can’t be driven away. It’ll shut the car off if someone tries to engage the motor. But, as far as putting your keys in and leaving it running, we advise against that,” Ross Township Police Officer Brian Koelhepp said.

    Detectives said each year when the weather is very cold they see cars stolen in this manner.

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