• Safety fencing stops massive boulder from crashing onto Route 28


    PITTSBURGH - Safety fencing along Route 28 has proven it works after a massive boulder was stopped from crumbling onto the busy roadway.

    Channel 11’s Jodine Costanzo was driving on Route 28 inbound near the Etna bypass when she noticed the boulder bulging from the fencing.

    Costanzo contacted PennDOT officials, who said the rock slide happened Monday and was likely caused by the current freeze-thaw weather pattern.

    Steve Cowan, of PennDOT, said this was the first time the fencing has been tested and it did exactly what it was supposed to.

    They are now contacting the manufacturer to find out what needs to be done to have the boulder removed and the fence replaced.

    Cowan said the public is in no danger. 

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