• School finds lost impressionist painting worth $500K

    PITTSBURGH (AP) (AP)ong> - At first it just seemed like a nice little painting of a doorway in gentle light, destined to hang on a school administrator's wall.

    But then art experts realized it was a painting by French impressionist Henri Le Sidaner that's been missing for 80 years.

    According to Channel 11’s news exchange partners at TribLIVE, the Pittsburgh Public Schools are now considering selling the painting at auction, because it may be worth $500,000.

    A Pittsburgh nonprofit group bought the painting for the school district in 1933 after it was displayed at a Carnegie International art exhibit.

    Officials don't know how it was overlooked for so long, but said a sale could provide significant help to the district's art education program.

    The school board will vote on the recommendation to sell on Jan. 23.

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