• Sharon High School track coach accused of stabbing parent during practice meet


    SHARON, Pa. - Dressed in an orange jumpsuit, Sharon High School track coach George Thomas pleaded not guilty to charges that he stabbed a parent during a practice meet this week.
    “It should have never went this far.  It should have been handled a long time ago,” said Otis Hixson.
    Hixson said he has had issues with the coach before.  On Tuesday, Hixson said he confronted Thomas after his stepson accused the coach of assaulting him and another student.  The coach allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed Hixson right near his heart.
    Thomas was suspended with pay while news of the stabbing made its way through the hallways of Sharon High School and into students' homes.
    “If he did it, he should be fired,” said a parent.
    The coach faces several charges including a felony for bringing a knife to a school athletic event.

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