• Some still without power after severe storms in Shaler


    SHALER, Pa. - Generators are still going for residents in Shaler Friday two days after severe storms swept through Western Pennsylvania, leaving many without power.

    Richard Giannoccora of Shaler said he had to pay $500 for a generator after recent storms knocked out his electricity on Woodland Avenue.

    "I’m putting gas in the generator here so we can keep power going in the house. We’ve been without power for several days. Lot of food in the refrigerator went to waste, [so we’re] trying to keep the freezers up and running," said Giannoccora.

    Giannoccora told Channel 11’s Alan Jennings that he had to stretch commercial-grade extension cords all through his house just to get to his refrigerator. Multiple trips to the gas station at nearly $4 a gallon has added another aggravation to fuel the generator, which cannot run the air conditioning.

    "And we're praying it come on sooner, as you see, I'm sweating. You know it’s hot in here," said Giannoccora.

    Duquesne Light still has 350 customers in the dark, while Wet Penn Power still has 3,000 without power.

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