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Springdale woman concerned about neighbor's dog that mauled hers



SPRINGDALE, Pa. - A Springdale woman told Channel 11 Friday that she’s concerned her loved-ones could be the next ones hurt after her neighbor’s dog attacked and killed her Pomeranian. 

“He was the energetic dog, played with my granddaughter. She loved that dog. He was a good dog,” said Vansach.


She said her 7-pound dog named Benny was in a fenced-in portion of his yard Thursday afternoon when her neighbor’s pit bull came through a crawl space below her deck and attacked Benny.

“I guess he grabbed him by the neck, and what happened was when I caught up to him, my dog was sitting next to him,” said Jimmy Puorro, who owns the dog that killed Benny.

Puorro, who owns seven other dogs, said the pit bull knocked down a wooden gate and escaped, but only after the dog was provoked. He said once he realized what happened, he tried to help.

“I was sick and crying all night,” Puorro said. “Personally, I don't think the dog was dead yet because I wanted to give it mouth-to-mouth.”

Repairs were made to the broken gate, but Vansach said she doesn’t feel safe with the pit bull still living next door. She also wasn’t satisfied with the answer she got after contacting police. 

“I was told that because it wasn't a human, they wouldn't follow up on this,” she said.

Vansach told Channel 11 News that her biggest fear is that the dog will get loose and attack again.

“We walk around our property all the time. What happens if one of them gets out and gets us? Then they'll do something,” she said.

Puorro said animal control has been to his house before but not because of aggression issues. He said he is completely capable of caring for all eight of his dogs.

Calls to Springdale police for comment were not immediately returned.