• Stolen Pittsburgh street signs costing taxpayers money


    PITTSBURGH - Stolen road signs are causing headaches for Pittsburgh officials and costing you money.
    Public Works Director Mike Gable said the missing signs typically end up in scrapyards or on the walls of college dorm rooms.
    More than 500 are stolen each year, costing the taxpayers $8,000.
    “I’ve never seen anybody do it, but I have seen them in dorm rooms,” said Pitt student Jake Arai
    Channel 11 spotted a man carrying a street sign Thursday.   He said he took it because it had fallen down.  When Channel 11’s Timyka Artist told him she was from a news station, he said he would return it.
    Officials said surveillance cameras are helping curb these types of crimes.
    Stealing a sign is a summary offense that could get you up to nine months in prison or cost you up to $1,500 in fines.


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