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Stroke costs a local musician $1,000 in parking tickets



PITTSBURGH - A stroke has left a local jazz musician with more than just health problems and medical bills. Parking tickets were added to his troubles.

Last summer, Rodney McCoy suffered a stroke that left him hospitalized for seven months.

Without any means to move his vehicle – parked in front of his home – on street cleaning days, tickets began piling up.

The city Parking Authority recently towed his car, leaving McCoy without a way to get to his weekly therapy sessions and nearly $1,000 in fines for unpaid parking tickets.

It’s a sum he says he can’t pay due to mounting medical bills and an inability to work.

McCoy told Channel 11 News that he has tried to contact his councilman and the Parking Authority, but no one is listening.

If he could just get his car back, McCoy said he would consider a payment plan for the fines.