• Superheroes surprise patients at Children's Hospital (Video & Photos)


    LAWRENCEVILLE, Pa. - Patients at Children’s Hospital got quite the surprise Tuesday morning when Spiderman and other superheroes were spotted scaling the building.
    The kids at Children’s Hospital in Lawrenceville were greeted by Spider-Man, Superman, Batman and Captain America Tuesday as they washed the windows.
    “It really made her day. It was a really nice thing for her,” Mike Fallecker said.
    Fallecker’s daughter, Abagail, shook hands with her favorites outside the hospital.
    “Spider-Man is my favorite,” she said emphatically.
    Fallecker said his daughter was at the hospital for five days, and this was a great send-off.
    “They were right outside the window when we first saw them. The nurses were trying to do their thing, and they couldn’t. She couldn’t control herself,” Fallecker said.
    This was the fourth time superhero window washers visited the hospital –- something that means a lot to everyone involved.
    “They love it,” the man dressed as Spider-Man said. “It gets them out of their daily routine, and makes them think about other things.”

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