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Target 11 investigates legitimacy of new accusations against Jerry Sandusky



PITTSBURGH - Target 11 Investigator Rick Earle found out Wednesday that new accusations of abuse against Jerry Sandusky appear to not be true.

Federal court papers were filed Wednesday requesting restraining orders against Sandusky, but Earle said things didn’t seem to add up and he determined both appear to be bogus.

The first thing that tipped off Earle about the two requests for temporary restraining orders is the fact that Sandusky is likely to be behind bars for the rest of his life.

One of the filings was made in Indiana by a man claiming to be the grandson of Joe Paterno. The man accused Sandusky of molesting him on a band trip to Notre Dame about 20 years ago.

When Target 11 ran the accuser’s address, it came back to a Philadelphia comedy club.

A spokesperson for the Paterno family also said the lawsuits have no connection to the family.

The other accusation was filed in Wisconsin by a man who claimed Sandusky molested him 10 years ago while visiting his cousin, ex-Wisconsin Badgers star quarterback Brooks Bollinger. Bollinger, who is now a coach at Pitt, denies his involvement.

“Brooks Bollinger has absolutely no knowledge of this person or this incident,” Pitt athletic department spokesman E.J. Borghetti said.

Earle said the clerk of courts in both districts said they don’t check the authenticity of any document. They number it, post it online and send it to a judge.

The clerks also said if the claims were to be investigated as a false report, that would be up to a judge.