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Target 11 investigates parking lot controversy in Troy Hill



PITTSBURGH - There’s a parking lot controversy in Pittsburgh’s Troy Hill neighborhood.

City work crews turned an empty lot into a parking lot right next to a bar, and neighbors are asking questions, wondering if it was a favor for a bar owner.

Target 11 investigator Rick Earle began digging and got some answers.

Director of Public Works Rob Kaczorowski said no favors were made.  He said complaints were made, and so the work was done. 
“The night I had the party for Jack Wagner, I opened up this lot, and I let the people park here.  I did it.  The city didn’t do it.  I made the mistake,” said Jeff Anesin.

Anesin and his wife own the bar next to the lot, and they are in the process of buying the lot from the city.

Anesin had complained about runoff from the lot after two homes were condemned and torn down.

“I called the city and was complaining because the mud was rolling onto the street.  They came up here and leveled the lot because whoever tore the two houses down, they didn’t do their job leveling it right,” he said.
Kaczorowski said Anesin didn’t get any special treatment.  He said city spent about $1,400 and has done work on lots before.

Anesin said the city told him he’s not allowed to use the lot until the sale is completed.