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Target 11 investigation leads to audit of city rental cars



PITTSBURGH - In the wake of a Target 11 investigation into city rental cars, the Pittsburgh city controller is taking action.

Target 11 found out the city was paying almost $1,500 per month per vehicle and spent $66,000 in 2011 on rentals.

City Controller Michael Lamb is conducting an audit of the contract with Dollar Rent-A-Car.

Lamb said there may be a good reason to rent a car, but the $1,500-per-month fee for a minivan is too high.

He believes the city should be able to get a much better deal, and he's proposing that they solicit contracts in an online auction.

"Every time you purchase or lease something for the city, put it on an internet auction site, and I guarantee you, we will get better than $1,500 per month," Lamb said.

According to Lamb, the city already purchases electricity from an internet auction, and he wants to do so with many other purchases, as well.

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