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Target 11: Pittsburgh parking meters raise invasion-of-privacy concerns



PITTSBURGH - The city’s new parking meter system requires drivers to enter information that has some claiming invasion of privacy.

In order to park using the new meters, drivers must enter their license plate number -- a requirement that has local defense attorneys looking into invasion of privacy.

Attorney Erika Kreisman told Channel 11 reporter Rick Earle that she took her complaints about the new system to City Council.

Kreisman and other defense attorneys want a guarantee that the city won’t turn over license plate numbers to law enforcement without a court order.

“We feel like it's too much observation -- too much invasion of privacy -- and we want to make sure that parking officials know not to give out this information freely,” Kreisman said.

Parking Authority Executive Director Dave Onorato said the license plate information, which is saved for up to two years, allows enforcement officers using a hand-held device to see if drivers have paid.

Instead of requiring a license plate number, Kreisman said she would prefer that the Parking Authority issue a receipt for drivers to place in the windshield of their vehicles.

Onorato said the information will not be shared.