• Target 11: Pittsburgh police investigate possible missing drug bust cash


    Target 11 investigator Rick Earle has learned that Pittsburgh police are investigating whether $8,000 in money seized during a drug bust is missing from their department.

    Earle uncovered that $93,153 was brought to Zone 4 headquarters after police found drugs and money inside of a car last January in Point Breeze.

    The detective who counted the cash, Earle reported, came up with a total and filed the cash as evidence. Earle learned that when the money ended up in the property room, it was $8,000 short.

    Sources told Earle that the detective who counted the money said he must have made an error and wrote down the wrong number.

    Assistant police Chief George Trosky told Earle that he reviewed the incident and believes the totals were miswritten.

    “The incident has been turned over to OMI for further investigation,” Trosky said.

    Officers told Earle that it’s not uncommon to make an error when dealing with that amount of money.

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