• Teen accused of attempting to blow up ex-girlfriend's home: ‘I'm going to jail'


    PITTSBURGH - A 19-year-old is facing several charges after police said he used a gas can and lighter to try and burn down a home in Homewood.

    Investigators said Timothy Thomas was arguing with his ex-girlfriend outside her family’s Hamilton Avenue duplex when he became aggressive and violent.

    Arrest papers show that Thomas said, “I’m going to jail for arson tonight” and then grabbed a red gasoline can from under the front porch.

    Police said Thomas yelled, “I’m going to light it up” and then began pouring the gas around the porch, in the bushes and onto the window sills.

    According to police, Thomas then tried to ignite the gas with a lighter but every time he tried to light the lighter, the wind would blow it out.

    Thomas is charged with attempted arson, risking a catastrophe and recklessly endangering another person, Channel 11 reporter Courtney Brennan said. 

    Police said the incident happened on Dec. 17, but the arrest recently happened.

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