• Teen convicted of disorderly conduct for taping bullying to file civil suit, attorney says


    SOUTH FAYETTE, Pa. - The attorney for a young boy convicted of disorderly conduct for videotaping alleged bullying at South Fayette High School says they’re going to pursue a civil suit against the district.

    Shea Love told Channel 11 News in March that her son was the victim of bullying and taped some of it using his iPad.

    Love said when school officials found out about the audio recording, they forced her son to delete it.

    "They were calling him some really bad names, talking about pulling his pants down,” Love said.

    A local magistrate later found the boy guilty of disorderly conduct. He was fined $25, plus court costs.

    The boy’s attorney told Channel 11 News Monday that they plan to appeal the ruling and file a civil suit against South Fayette School District.

    A hearing on the request is scheduled for April 29. 

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