• This Is A Test Story For Shannon

    By: By Jim Durkin


    PITTSBURGH,None - The Pittsburgh police SWAT team was called to a home in city’s Hill District on Wednesday to deal with a domestic dispute, police said.

    Police said a man’s son fired a shot into the floor of a home on Brackenridge Street.

    Investigators said the bullet went through the floor and struck the father’s mattress.

    "I was in bed and I just heard a gunshot and I got up. I asked him what the hell he did," said Jerome Williams Sr. "I was sleeping at the top and the bullet, where I was sleeping, might have hit my feet or my legs."

    The father called 911, saying he was concerned for his safety, police said.

    Williams said his son, Jerome Williams Jr., told him that the gun accidentally fired.

    Williams Sr. said he wasn't sure and wanted police to come and remove his guns from the house.

    "To do that.., to turn your son in, it's for the best. I feel that it's another gun off of the street," Williams Sr. said. "I'm speechless for words. I'm sorry it had to happen to my son, but it's time for him to grow up."

    When officers and the SWAT team arrived, the son came out without incident, police said.

    Police confiscated guns and drugs from the home. No injuries were reported.

    Williams Jr. is facing drug and reckless endangerment charges.

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