• ‘Trusted handyman' charged with emptying New Castle woman's bank accounts


    NEW CASTLE, Pa. - A man who was supposed to be helping a New Castle woman has been charged with helping himself to her bank account, among other things.

    Neighbors of the victim said that she and the suspect, Daniel William Robison, 29, were friends, but when she was hospitalized, he took advantage of their friendship and cleaned out all of her bank accounts.

    Robison was thought to be a trusted handyman, especially around the New Wilmington neighborhood, where he lives, according to at least one woman, who asked not to be identified.

    Instead of helping the victim when she was hospitalized, Robison made about $5,200 in unauthorized transactions and then overdrew $600 more from the victim’s two bank accounts, according to court documents.

    Police said Robison later confessed to stealing the cash but not before he turned over three small pieces of jewelry, along with two handwritten notes of apology.

    According to police, the thefts were discovered after Robison was already jailed for stealing $100 cash from a New Wilmington eye clinic. Robison is suspected in at least three other incidents.

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