• Upcoming Hempfield High School parents offered at-home drug-testing kits


    WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pa. - Parents who will have students attend Hempfield High School next year are being offered home drug-testing kits.

    During a meeting scheduled for Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the school's auditorium, parents will be offered the kits for free.

    According to the company that sells the kits, the drug testing program has been a priority in the district for several years.

    Hempfield made CANDLE’s Family Health Policy home drug-test enrollment free for middle school parents since 2010. The first year 190 parents enrolled and this school year 225 middle school parents are participating.

    Any parent can enroll online for CANDLE’s Family Health Policy home drug-testing program at www.RealityTour.org   at a cost of $50. 

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