• UPDATE TO TARGET 11 STORY: Peduto cuts free parking passes

    PITTSBURGH (AP) (AP)ong> - Pittsburgh's newly elected mayor has cut the number of free parking passes issued to employees of the city and the Pittsburgh Parking Authority.

    The executive policy issued by Mayor Bill Peduto on Monday eliminated all but 29 of the 271 passes previously issued under the former mayor, Luke Ravenstahl.

    Peduto said the passes cost the city as much as $1 million in lost parking revenue annually, money that's earmarked to bolster the city's pension fund.

    Eighteen passes will be issued to department heads who can let employees sign them out on an as-needed basis. The other 11 will go to the nine city council members, the city controller, and a law department attorney.

    The mayor's office, which formerly had nine passes, now has none.

    Similar passes for on-duty fire and police officials are being reviewed.

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