• Upper St. Clair woman records drivers blowing through stop sign


    UPPER ST. CLAIR, Pa.,None - A local mother was so frustrated with drivers running through a stop sign by her Upper St. Clair house that she set up a hidden camera.

    Lori Tedesco lives on Mitchell Avenue and Locust Lane in a neighborhood with a lot of children.

    “It all of a sudden became an idea for me that I could record the stops and upload them to a YouTube page,” Tedesco said. “I made a YouTube page strictly for this purpose.”

    Tedesco has clips from different days all showing cars blowing through the stop sign.

    "It was never about me,” Tedesco said. “It's just about caring about something up here and trying to get some change."

    Tedesco uses her iPhone and an app that is motion activated. As soon as a car pulls up to the stop sign, the video begins recording.

    “I emailed the township and told them that I had proof of people running the stop sign,” Tedesco said. “I told them I want you to be aware of it and I never got a response.”

    Tedesco said she doesn’t plan on stopping until something is done about the problem.

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