• Upset mother buys all 'indecent' PacSun shirts


    OREM, Utah - A mother upset about "indecent" T-shirts on display at the mall in Orem, Utah found a quick if not especially convenient way to remove them: She bought every last one.

    The Daily Herald of Provo reports that Judy Cox was shopping with her teenage son at the University Mall on Saturday when she saw the offending shirts in the window of PacSun.


    The shirts featured scantily-dressed models in provocative poses.

    Cox told the Daily Herald that she raised the issue with the store manager, and was told that the T-shirts could not be taken down without approval from the corporate office.

    In response, Cox bought every offending T-shirt in the store for $567. Cox says she plans to return the shirts at the end of the 60-day return period.

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