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Urban farming could be coming to Forest Hills



FOREST HILLS, Pa. - People in Forest Hills may soon be able to raise chickens and bees on their property.

Some residents have been pushing for urban farming to be allowed within the borough.

People in favor of this proposal argue that it will allow residents to live cleaner, more organic lifestyles.

“It's alright with me if that is what they want to do, as long as it doesn't harm the environment,” said Delane Howard.

Opponents worry about the potential increase in bees and waste from chickens.

“I would probably be against it because there are already enough bees here, so I don't want any unless they can get it under control. I'd be against it,” said Chad Cantone.

Channel 11’s Vince Sims reported that the borough council has authorized the solicitor to advertise the proposed ordinance, but it is unknown when the advertisement will be made public.

If urban farming in Forest Hills is approved, people would be required to register their bee colonies with the state, get an annual permit to own them and take an introductory beekeeping class.

Chicken owners would be limited to four hens, which would have to be housed in a coop or fenced-in area at least 25 feet from neighboring properties. Roosters would not be permitted.

The proposal could be voted on by the end of June.