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Versailles building partially collapses; Weather may be to blame



VERSAILLES, Pa. - A building in Versailles partially collapsed Thursday, and crews think cold weather may be to blame.

The collapse happened at a building that houses a doctor’s office on Walnut Street around 1:45 p.m.

“We were seeing patients this afternoon, and we heard a loud crash outside the office. I thought somebody had backed into the building,” Dr. Rudolph Antoncic said.

According to Antoncic, the falling bricks narrowly missed hitting one of his patients.

“Luckily, one of the patients, who had just come in a minute ago, was inside. No one was hurt,” Antoncic said.

Antoncic said he and his wife, Angelique, made sure everyone got out of the building safely.

“We immediately made sure there weren't any patients on the walkway area, and also made sure to bring them away from the window, where the crash had occurred. We also made sure that no one else was walking in,” Angelique Antoncic said.

 The building inspector believes the recent cold weather, and now warm weather, along with the building’s age, may have played a part in the collapse.