• Victim, authorities warn public of door-to-door magazine scheme


    JEFFERSON, Pa. - Channel 11 wants to alert you about a scheme that could happen in your neighborhood.
    A Greene County woman contacted Channel 11 News and said she, along with some of her neighbors, fell victim to a magazine subscription scheme.
    According to Debbie Phillips, three men and one pregnant woman were going door-to-door selling subscriptions, claiming they were raising money for a youth trip to Italy.
    “You can fall for this.  The most educated person can fall for something that seems so legit,” Phillips said.
    Phillips said she lost out on $60. She realizes it’s not a lot, but she wants to make sure no one else feels victimized like she did.
    Phillips said the worst part of the incident was explaining to her daughter, who has Down syndrome, what happened.
    Channel 11 checked and found dozens of similar complaints on the Better Business Bureau website.  Police are investigating.
    “He was getting her excited about receiving this magazine, and she’s never going to see it,” said Phillips.

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