• Video of students talking about alleged Jefferson County rape released


    JEFFERSON COUNTY, Pa. - A video clip was released Wednesday reportedly describing events of the night an underage girl was allegedly sexually assaulted in Jefferson County, Ohio in August.

    Police said a group of hackers, called Anonymous, released the disturbing 12-minute video that makes light of the alleged rape. The group is demanding more action from police.

    The video shows a boy making fun of the teenage girl who police said was unconscious when she was carried into several parties and sexually assaulted.

    “I saw it in the past, and it’s disgusting. People are calling here upset. Two people were crying because of what they witnessed,” Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdella said. “It really is disgusting to watch that video.”

    At one point in the video, someone in the background stands up for the victim and said, “This isn’t funny.”

    Another teen replied, “It isn’t funny. It’s hilarious. It isn’t really rape because you don’t know if she wanted it or not.”

    Two teens have been arrested and are being tried as juveniles, but the group believes more people are guilty.

    Local authorities in Steubenville said all evidence has been turned over to the Attorney General’s Office, and they are aware of the public pressure building in the case.

    “We are prosecuting, as you know, two juveniles. I don’t know why anyone would say the case isn’t being vigorously prosecuted,” Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said.

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