• Violent video shows mom egging on 12-year-old daughter during fight


    NEW CASTLE, Pa. - A New Castle mother is facing a corruption of a minor charge after police said they received a video that shows the woman encouraging her 12-year-old daughter to fight.

    Authorities said the video shows Tiffany Viggiano egging on her daughter, who was fighting with another 12-year-old girl at the time.

    “Stop pulling her hair and punch her,” Viggiano was heard saying in the video.

    According to police, the video was recorded by one of several witnesses of the fight. It appeared on Facebook and shortly thereafter made its way to police.

    “It’s disturbing that she’s actually egging the type of behavior on,” New Castle Police Lt. David Cumo said.

    The fight, which lasted about 10 minutes, took place March 10 about noon, officials said.

    “This isn’t right. They shouldn’t be doing this, and to tape it just isn’t right,” Cumo said.

    Viggiano, 32, was sent a summons to appear in court.

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