• WARNING: Similar fake utility worker schemes popping up in several areas


    PITTSBURGH - Several Pittsburgh-area police departments have issued warnings about a scheme involving people posing as utility workers and stealing from homeowners.
    Ross Township police told Channel 11’s Jennifer Tomazic that they’ve heard of several similar incidents happening in the area in the recent days.
    Robyn Mascari told Tomazic that McCandless police came to her house the day one of her neighbors on Shirley Drive had money and jewelry stolen.
    “They asked if we’d seen anything that day, any unusual cars or people in the neighborhood, but we hadn’t,” Mascari said.
    Police said on April 18, three men wearing construction clothes told an elderly couple they needed to check on water lines behind their house.
    When the couple took two of them around back, the third man went into the house and stole cash and jewelry.
    “It was very unsettling because, like I said, I do have a young family, and anytime there is crime nearby it’s worrisome,” Mascari said.
    A few miles away, in Richland Township, Northern Regional police said an elderly man fell victim to a similar scheme on May 19.
    Investigators said a man with a walkie -talkie took the victim around to the back of his house, on Georgiann Drive, saying he had to run lines.
    Police said someone else went through the front of the victim’s house and stole cash.
    Investigators said the schemers have done their research because they knew the names of people in the neighborhood, and they even canvassed the streets.
    Police haven’t said if they believe the cases are related.

    On Tuesday, we told you about a similar incident involving an elderly woman. CLICK HERE for the story.

    Authorities urge people to not hesitate calling police if they feel there’s a problem.

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