• Investigators: Luring suspect promised candy for help finding missing dog


    WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. - A Washington County man was arrested Sunday after police said he tried to lure three children into his truck by offering free candy and asking them to help him find his dog.

    Investigators said the incident happened on Wilmington Street in Canton Township.

    Police said 55-year-old Jerry Zgorliski drove his truck through an alleyway and approached three kids playing in a yard.

    The children told officers that Zgorliski asked them if they would help find his dog, and he would give them candy. 

    “I was hungry and he said he had candy and get in the truck. I said, ‘No!’ and ran to the house,” one of the kids said.

    Police said Zgorliski also tried to grab the kids before returning to his nearby home.

    Officials said the children are 10, 8 and 4 years old.

    According to police, the kids immediately told their parents and Zgorliski, who lives nearby, was arrested within minutes.

    “I’m glad the oldest was there because if he would have mentioned candy, he might have went with him,” said Angie Gillespie, mother of two of the three kids.

    Zgorliski is facing several charges including attempted kidnapping and luring a child into a motor vehicle. 

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