• Washington Co. man says money saved for mom's funeral stolen from home


    COAL CENTER, Pa. - A Washington County man said money saved for a funeral was stolen from his home.

    Timothy Cole said his Coal Center home was ransacked earlier this week.

    “They stole quite a few items that can’t be replaced,” said Cole.

    Cole’s brother has cerebral palsy, and Cole was carrying his brother into his home when he stepped on glass.  Cole realized someone broke into his home.

    Cole said a box filled with cash in the back of his closet was taken.  He said his mother gave him the money for her funeral.

    “I have a mom who has hospice care.  She’s going to be passing soon.  It was saved for a funeral,” said Cole.

    Other important items were in the box.

    “My mom and dad were vets, so their IDs were in there,” said Cole.

    Police are investigating and said they did find some fingerprints.

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