• Water main break in Brookline causes icy mess


    PITTSBURGH - A water main break in Brookline is causing problems for neighbors.

    “It’s nothing but a massive sheet of ice,” said neighbor Marguerite Flemming.

    Flemming said there is no way she’ll be getting her car down her driveway anytime soon.

    A steady flow of water has been running from a broken main on Merick Street since Tuesday night, according to neighbors.

    “There was a lot of water building up at the bottom of Birchland. It was about a foot thick,” Clint Burton, who was clearing off sewage drains, told reporter Pamela Osborne.

    Burton said he decided to help after watching cars try to pass through the slushy and icy mess.

    As of 10 p.m. Wednesday, crews from Pennsylvania American Water were still working on the 6-inch main.

    Crews also salted in the area Wednesday night.

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