• Water main break prompts early dismissal at Natrona Heights high school


    NATRONA HEIGHTS, Pa. - A water main break Friday prompted an unexpected early dismissal for students at a Natrona Heights school.

    Highlands High School was dismissed at 9:30 a.m. due to the incident.

    School officials said messages were sent to parents via the district’s OneCallNow system.

    In a news release, a spokeswoman for the school said, “The High School and Administrative Center will have no power for the remainder of the day due to a water main break. The telephone system may be affected by this outage. The district server will be down, so you will need to call the other buildings directly as email will not be available district-wide.”

    "If I worked today, it would have messed me up, but I’m fortunate because my mom is always a standby for me and my husband works shift work," said parent Kathy Myers.

    Several other after-school activities had to be rescheduled because of the break, including the boys basketball games.

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