• Weapons, pot, cash confiscated in raid; 7 taken into custody


    SWAT team members raided a suspected drug home in Beaver County Monday morning and confiscated drugs, several guns and nearly $4,000 in cash.

    New Sewickley police Chief Ronald Leindecker said the raid happened at a home on Glen Eden Road in New Sewickley Township.

    During the raid, four men and three women were taken into custody. Leindecker said police confiscated one pound of marijuana, five handguns, two rifles and about $3,800 in cash.

    According to Leindecker, police had been working the house over the past month because of suspected drug activity. He said an undercover officer made several buys at the home.

    “A detective from New Sewickley and the officer from Conway Borough, they’re the ones that began the investigation. They worked with it and ran with it and obtained the intelligence. They came out with a successful result,” Leindecker said.

    Neighbors told Channel 11’s Amy Marcinkiewicz they thought something may have been going on inside the home.

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