• Westmoreland Co. woman among 22 Carnegie Heroes

    PITTSBURGH (AP) (AP)ong> - A Westmoreland County woman who lost her life helping a shooting victim is one of 22 people honored with Carnegie medals for heroism.

    Stacey Feiling was flagged down on Route 981 in Calumet in June 2010.

    When she pulled over to rescue Janet Piper, Piper’s husband fatally shot her. Janet Piper was then able to run to safety.

    The awards announced Thursday are going to people from 10 states and Canada. Recipients include three New Jersey men who rescued two people from a burning van that had crashed, and a Nebraska man who fought off a drugstore robbery.

    Brandon Wemhoff risked his life to protect the people around him by foiling a Lincoln drugstore robbery in May 2011. He captured the suspect and held him until police officers arrived.

    Carnegie medalists or their heirs receive financial grants approved by the commission.

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