• Widow who lost $280K home over $6 can stay in house while appealing


    A judge on Tuesday ruled that a Beaver County woman who lost her home over $6 can stay in the home rent-free while appealing the sale.

    A plan was in the works to allow Eileen Battisti to live in the home, but pay thousands of dollars in rent. However, a new compromise was reached Tuesday in court.

    Battisti is a widow who fell behind on her taxes in 2008. Her home sold at a sheriff’s sale when she failed to pay her school property taxes.

    Since then, tax records have shown she stopped paying taxes altogether and she now owes more than $20,000.

    Battisti claims in the beginning she paid what was due, but missed a late fee of $6.30.

    While she appeals, she’s staying put. She just has to pay utilities. Meanwhile, the man who bought the home has to wait until all appeals are exhausted.


    Widow who lost $280K Aliquippa home over $6 wins reprieve

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