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Woman accused of stealing cash from Millvale church



MILLVALE, Pa. - A parish is shocked after learning about accusations against one of their own.

Nancy Hartman is facing theft charges after police said she stole money from Holy Spirit Parish in Millvale.

Hartman was the church secretary and is accused of stealing more than $43,000 from the church offerings.

According to court documents Hartman allegedly began taking money from the parish in 2007.

Church member Jim Hahn said he was surprised by the allegations.

"I've always thought of her as a quality person and (she) always did a good job for the parish. I'm shocked. I'm really shocked.  I've known her for all the years that she has been secretary of the parish,” said Hahn.

According to court documents, Hartman spent the money on her grandchildren and paid various department store bills in cash. Hartman had no family hardship that caused her to steal, according to court documents.

According to the criminal complaint the Hartman family said they are going to take certain steps to try and pay the money back.

"If she did something wrong I think she would try to make it right.  I just wish them the best," said Hahn.

Investigators said Hartman surrendered on Thursday and faced a judge on Friday.

Hartman's case was waived to court and she was released on her own recognizance.